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“I have been purchasing new and second hand equipment from Insight Optics for over 15 years.

“In my experience, the advise, quality, value and genuine commitment to my business is what continues to set Insight Optics apart.

“I thoroughly recommend Insight Optics as a business partner and can guarantee that we will continue to place our trust in their safe hands.”

Peter Kazacos – Optometrist
Eastgardens and Maroubra Junction



“When I decided it was time to purchase new equipment for my business, I was fairly sure what brands I was going to buy; regardless, I researched other options just to be sure about my purchasing decision…

“Considering the price difference I was sceptical that Insight Optics new products and equipment would be able to match the quality of the brands I originally had in mind and deemed necessary for my standards and my business. After inspection and a great deal of deliberation I took the plunge. In short, I couldn’t be happier with my decision and am to this day still amazed at the quality and difference in price!

“I am more than happy to recommend Insight Optics new products to any business and will have no hesitation in purchasing from Insight Optics in future.”

Nadine Kamareddine




“There are certain things that I place very high value on when it comes to having a business relationship. Honesty, integrity and experience are at the very top of that list.

“Over the years I have had no business relationship more genuine and honest than the one I share with Insight Optics. Their products are of exceptional quality and value; however it’s Stahy’s continued commitment to service which resonates so well after any purchase I make.

“After almost a decade of doing continued business with them, I can genuinely say that each and every interaction over that time has been consistent and impeccable.

“It’s not often that one is able to give such a testimonial about a product and service provider, especially over such a long period of time. I therefore do so gladly and without hesitation.”

Peter Coroneo